About the Photographer

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my website! I'm honored that you've taken the time to look through my photography. I absolutely love what I do and the chance that I get to meet and work with such amazing people. I'm a firm believer in picking a photographer you like and feel comfortable with, so let me tell you a little about myself so you can see if I might be that person for you!

I'm a southern girl, born and raised. I love Italian food, the color pink, and just about anything music-related. I love to laugh, and I like making people happy. I come from a pretty big family, so I'm used to a lot of camaraderie. I've been married for nearly 4 years, and my husband is my best friend and biggest supporter. He's also my business partner and will often accompany me to sessions. I'm an avid reader, board-game-player and movie-watcher, and I'm a much better baker than I am a cook. I'm also very fond of my dog and my pet lizard.

I'm a very eclectic person...I like a bit of vintage with a touch of modern; a bold color palette with pastel accents; a good sci-fi story and a good romance; I'm a girly-girl with some tomboy traits. In fact, that eclectic nature is one thing that sets me apart as a photographer. I like a balance of classic, posed portraits as well as more modern, artsy photos. You will see that come across in your final images, and I hope you'll be glad that you don't have to choose between traditional and trendy.

My ultimate goal is to come together with you on a vision and create a final product that you adore. I like to find ways to make you comfortable and bring out the best in you as I capture those moments. Whether it's portraits or parties, I will make sure that you come out with amazing images to last a lifetime.

I'm easily available by email, phone, or text. I would love the chance to meet you and find out if I'm the right person to help you create those forever memories.